We hear a lot these days about how businesses need to have a proper data protection strategy in place to prevent data loss from hackers, ransomware and phishing attacks.

Have you thought about the people who come on site to your business and to your kids’ school?

There are certain record-keeping obligations organisations must follow, although it may vary from state to state.

Here are a few important tips you should bring up during your next conversation with your client.

Keep Proper Records

Proper record keeping is part of compliance.

Organisations need to have documentation to show that contractors coming on site are compliant.

Worksafe is visiting many businesses and doing audits on how organisations are dealing with visitors on site.

This has created a big focus in business and within schools.

Keeping proper records not only ensures you fulfil your legal obligation, but it can also protect you in future disputes should you have any.

In July 2016, the Royal Commission published Creating Child Safe Institutions, outlining what institutions and governments should do to better protect children in schools.

Tested by 40 Australian and international independent academics, children’s commissioners and guardians, regulators and other child safe industry experts and practitioners, familiarise yourself with the analysis on key elements of a child safe institution.

Validating Contractor’s Certification

Certain roles require certification.

You are legally obligated to collect and verify these accreditations to ensure the people you let into the premise are certified.

Having an uncertified supplier or contractor on site can cause potential infringements for your business.

Compliance isn’t an option, it’s a legal obligation

It is important for both businesses and schools to have a visitor management plan in place.

This is important so they can validate that the contractors coming on site are compliant with working with children checks and public liability insurance.

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