How to seamlessly expand your customer base and scale

30 March, 2021

For over 24 years, Synnex Australia has supported businesses small and large. Since launching our cloud marketplace in 2016, we have helped thousands of partners generate new revenue streams in the cloud and capitalise on new and emerging technologies at speed and scale.

We know that MSPs are on the lookout for solutions that serve customers across verticals. The ability to sell cloud solutions that touch multi-ecosystems, thus creating revenue opportunities, as well as solutions with a multi-tenant management portal that provides scalability is a key feature for channel partners.

That’s why we are committed to supporting our partners’ strategies whether it’s helping you manage all your customers in one place or integrating your existing platforms with complementary solutions across Microsoft productivity suite and Google collaboration tools. We bridge the gap and help you build solutions to meet your customers’ demands.

As the digital revolution continues to permeate industries across the channel, reinvent yourself to stay relevant and competitive by increasing your value-added cloud solutions and services.

Expand your opportunities 

We offer cloud solutions and enablement tools across the entire Microsoft and Google ecosystems. Whether you’re migrating new customers to Microsoft 365, looking to augment your existing cloud solutions, wanting to combine Google Workspace, Chrome devices and SaaS cloud offerings all-in-one or wanting to combine services from across ecosystems, you can create the most desired outcome for each customer, while building out your offerings to meet ever-changing customer demands. 

Backup and data protection

Keep your business running in any disaster by proactively preventing downtime or immediately and reliably, restoring data with fast, scalable, data protection infrastructure.

Acronis provides hybrid cloud data protection for Microsoft and Google ecosystems through its backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share solutions. Delivering easily affordable data protection of files, applications and operating systems across any environment; virtual, physical, cloud and mobile. Learn more.

User management

Get the most out of the cloud through CloudM’s migration, automation and administration. Use the world’s leading migration tool for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and more. Administrate and automate your IT admin so you can get more from your people, more for your money and a more secure future for your business. 

Seamlessly automate onboarding and off-boarding of staff:

  • New hires: Set up new hires seamlessly by adding them to Smart Teams and Smart Groups to automatically set up email signatures, assign necessary folder access permissions, email groups and more.
  • Departures: By initiating a pre-defined off-boarding workflow, IT can schedule in employee departure dates to automatically revoke permissions, copy and migrate owned content to another user or admin and suspend users.

Access all your applications, files and computers all in one place through Parallels. Get the world’s first software to run Windows directly on a Chrome Enterprise device. Run full-featured Windows applications, including native Microsoft Office, on Chromebook Enterprise devices – online and offline and unleash the full potential of the Chromebook and the full power of the Windows ecosystem. Learn more.

Print management 

Significantly increase your customer value and control and monitor office printing with Printix. Manage both your Microsoft and Google-centric customers in one console. Easily print from Android and iOS phones and tablets, use Microsoft Power BI Desktop with Printix’s solution and get insights into your print usage, queues and much more whilst securing cloud storage. Learn more.

Why choose Synnex? 

We take our role as the bridge in the IT channel seriously. As a catalyst in the industry, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of expertise and skills that support you on your growth journey. We have a dedicated team of cloud specialists with best practices in place to maintain business continuity, ensure partner profitability and secure long term enablement. 

Single platform: Our all-in-one cloud marketplace and management console allows you to seamlessly manage your cloud services. 

Recurring billing model: Build a recurring revenue stream on cloud software, products and services and increase your stickiness in the market using our Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) program. Take solutions and embed them through your ecosystems, add features and automatically update users to the latest version. 

What’s the advantage for your customers? TaaS allows them to access technology on-demand at a low cost of entry and flexibly scale up or down.

Enablement: We can support you in providing in-depth training and tutorials to your customers and staff on how to best utilise the tools they already know and love with our practical approach.

Let us take care of it all so you can open up a multitude of conversations to engage customers across verticals and in turn, grow new revenue streams. 

Reach out to the Synnex cloud team for more information on how you can maximise your cloud business with a number of support avenues available to you. Contact team Synnex today.