Unlock new business opportunities with Business Voice

13 August, 2020

Key facts

  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice for SMB is now available in Australia as an add-on for Microsoft 365 Business plans through Synnex CSP

  • Business Voice adds cloud-based telephony to Teams with AI powered capabilities

  • All-in-one solution bringing together calling, chat and meetings in one application

According to a Gartner survey of over 220 HR leaders, only 30% of employees surveyed worked remotely on a part-time basis pre COVID-19. Now, nearly 80% employees are working from home, including Team Synnex. 

One important lesson we are sure that everyone in the workforce has learned is that we have a greater capacity to accept and adapt to change than we might have expected.

Most businesses shifted their operating model in a matter of days and weeks to ensure they remained agile, nimble and productive amidst this pandemic. Gartner’s research shows that most businesses are planning to adopt the remote work model more often in the future. 

The shift in collaboration

The difference between the last pandemic in 2009 and now is the ease in remote work functionality. The cloud was still at the development stage, in terms of collaboration and communication tools then, and not as globally acknowledged or incorporated into business operations as it is today.

When significant environmental shifts loom, workplace project teams, who might have traditionally agonised over change management with year-long program developments to educate, trial, motivate and curate the behaviour of employees, have proven they are better equipped now to survive with cloud based collaboration tools. 

A recent study by the Harvard Business School and New York University found that the number of meetings attended by employees has increased by 12.9% since March, 2020. 

With the help of expert telecommunications providers such as Spark, enabling Microsoft 365 Business Voice to integrate PSTN calling into Microsoft Teams, for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, chat, meetings, and collaboration that unlocks new business opportunities no matter where you’re working from. 

Microsoft Business Voice is now available in Australia through our Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) program, allowing small and medium businesses to have a complete and unified telephony solution on a single platform – Microsoft Teams, and thus improving productivity in the modern workplace. 

Identify new business opportunities

You can use Business Voice to make phone calls from anywhere, on any device including computers, smart phones, desk phones, and meeting rooms by adding Business Voice onto any Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Teams1. 

This solution uses Microsoft’s trusted cloud to deliver reliable, high-quality audio with intelligent and AI-powered capabilities in the same admin console as the rest of your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice combines essential telephony components into a single package with features like: 

  • The ability to works across Teams and Outlook seamlessly with unified contacts and calendars
  • Secure built-in auto-attendants and call queues or connect your contact center software 
  • One phone number across computer, mobile and desk phones
  • Added flexibility to meetings with a dial-in conference number
  • Options of choosing from a range of personal and shared devices built for Teams

To learn more about Microsoft 365 Business Voice, listen to our Business Voice webinar led by our licensing specialist to learn how to identify new opportunities for voice offerings and CSP licensing requirements, as well as calling plans and products through our voice partner Spark.