Customers demand more from their IT partners and service providers, especially with increasingly complex cyber threats.

To become a successful managed service provider (MSP), you need to embrace technologies and search for new ways to add value while generating new and ongoing revenue.

This could be adding a new service to your portfolio or by simply adopting a new tool to manage your clients’ IT infrastructure.

MSPs are expected to account for 11% of the USD2.8 trillion ICT market worldwide by 2023 according to a worldwide forecast study.

Here are a few tips and solutions that can help you get started on the path of success.

Step 1: Let’s start with email security

Did you know 91% of targeted cyber-attacks start with an email?

From volumetric spam and malware in the 2000s to the recent spear-phishing, it gets more complex every year.

Most of you would be selling Office365 and aware that traditional email security gateways can no longer protect users and data.

Many threats, such as spear-phishing attacks or emails are directed at users via their personal email and bypass gateways.

Here is what MSPs can recommend to clients:

– An all-In-One Cloud-Based Email Security,

– Backup,

Password security,

– Archiving and,

– eDiscovery for Office 365.

This free email threat scanner can help you start the conversion with your clients.

It checks your exposure to new threats and scans all the emails already in your mail system.

It extends traditional email security with a multi-faceted approach that protects all aspects of your clients’ email infrastructure.

Remember, email is a huge source of risk!

Start the conversation early to be protected against email-borne threats to your customers’ staff, brand and business.

Step 2: Adding managed security services to your practice

Being a modern-day MSP comes with great responsibility.

You are the go-to-expert for your customers.

Often SMBs do not realise how vulnerable they are, due to their lack of time or expertise to address security issues.

Security for SMB’s is now more critical than ever with 3/5 experiencing a cyber attack in the last 12 months.

This means they expect you to give recommendations and take proactive measures to protect their business.

How do you take a proactive approach?

Innovative MSPs recognise the importance of expanding their focus beyond availability, stability and performance.

This involves security services that protect data, devices and people.

If you are a brand new MSP, block web threats before they get into your customers’ network with Intelligent Proxying, Intelligent SSL Protection, Cloud Sandbox and more.

Avast Business offers three managed security platforms, giving you the tools and insights you need for complete control and visibility across your entire security ecosystem.

Combining the right layers in an intuitive delivery platform ensures you have superior protection while eliminating complexity.

Check out their security platforms here to see which one is best for you.

Peace of mind

By adding managed security services, you can provide your customers with complete peace of mind allowing you to grow your business.

MSPs can position themselves as your customers’ trusted security advisor, making you difficult to replace.

Click here for an additional 2 tips and a range of cloud backup solutions that can help you become a successful MSP.

We’re here to help you expand your businesses further and help you become the single source for your customers’ technology needs.

If you have any questions, leave them in the discussion box below, visit our cloud marketplace or contact us.