Device-as-a-Service as a flexible payment option for your customers

12 November, 2021

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) allows you to shift the burden of device and life cycle management responsibilities from your client’s IT’s internal team and replace with a per user/device cost which scales with their business.

DaaS is emerging as a highly desirable option as customer behaviour shifts towards a subscription economy.

According to IDC data,

81% of CFOs welcome payment options as alternative to CAPEX when seeking board approval.

57% of customers are looking for total solution and subscription type models.

40.2% of respondents have engaged or are planning to engage in DaaS in the next 12 months to address their needs.

Why channel partners should offer flexible payment options:


Benefits to your clients

  • Preserve their cash and banking lines by avoiding large lump sum payment
  • A flexible financing package can be cheaper than capex
  • Spread payments over time in line with useful life of equipment
  • Avoid technology obsolescence
  • Vendor agnostic bundles (hardware, software, and services) with the ability to mix and match
  • Scaling up and down as required
  • Easy asset management and compliance reporting

Benefits to you

  • No payment delays
  • Reduces margin pressure
  • Increases client loyalty and stickiness
  • Keeps the competition out
  • “Lock in” future sales opportunities
  • Generate recurring and new revenue streams

As business models change, in an increasingly commoditised technology landscape, not only does DaaS simplify how you equip and manage your customers’ IT requirement, maximising the efficiency of your business operations, but it also helps your customers to plan for, acquire, consume, and adapt the technology needed for workplace transformation.

Synnex DaaS is an integrated digital platform that combines device fulfillment, asset life cycle and recovery services, and financing solutions that gives you visibility of all your customers and their assets.

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Source: Some content in this article is extracted from ‘Reduce IT overheads with DaaS’ webinar hosted by Synnex on 5 October 2021.