How many times a day are you online?

Digital media has become an integral part of the daily lives of many.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the effect it has on families as technology and global trends have seen a shift in the structure of families around the world.

With this transformation, the United Nations still recognises the family as the basic unit of society.

The family make up is the most important part of a developing child.

Children and their relationships are impacted by technology with access at their fingertips.

The “Families and inclusive societies” theme emphasises digital inclusion and discussing how technology is bringing families closer together.

recent survey supported by Google Australia found families who interact using digital media have strengthened their unit.

They also used this tool to increase their opportunities to connect, interact and grow.

Technology encourages innovation and creativity

As the digital native generation are independent in their communication with others, digital inclusion is central in this development.

Shared by the panel at our 2018 Synnex Alliance event in Melbourne, the key customers and end-users in IT in the education space are the parent and student.

There is a significant need for parents to ensure they are competent in new and emerging technologies.

This is important for students to access valuable online tools.

Even before a child reaches the age to start school, the growth in the technology industry has pre-exposed children to different applications.

More than ever before, Internet resources are preparing children for school.

It is then vital that children are equipped with skills that future employers and jobs demand.

This is a responsibility primarily left in the hands of parents and industry leaders.

The development of IT in the digital era education ensures that students receive tools that empower knowledge and enhance the support needed to develop.

In conjunction with the role that families play in this, technology is building the ICT talent that Australia’s workforce and society require.

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