All of us are familiar with the joys and pains of using PDF documents at work.

It’s fixed formatting feature enables users to exchange professional-looking documents in an easy and reliable manner.

It also makes it difficult for users to edit or extract information from a document.

According to a survey done by Nitro and the PDF Association, many modern workers across the globe lose a significant amount of time at work every day to difficulties in reviewing, editing or signing PDFs.

The reason behind such inefficiencies simply lies in the fact that current office workers lack access to PDF productivity solutions.

Although PDFs might make up more than 70% of the documents in an organisation, only 15% of knowledge workers currently have access to an eSigning or PDF productivity solution.

They are forced to resort to paper workflows such as printing and scanning in return, which can often hinder productivity.

A study from global marketing intelligence firm IDC in 2012 shows, that document challenges  “rob companies nearly 21.3% of their overall staff productivity”.

Introducing the Nitro Productivity Suite

In hopes to help companies better equip their workers with the latest productivity tools, we recently added the Nitro Productivity Suite to our product portfolio.

With this tool, workers can make better use of their time. 

Here are 3 ways you can boost work productivity with the Nitro Productivity Suite:

1. It helps you stay focused on what’s truly important

Instead of wasting time on mundane and repetitive tasks such as downloading, printing, signing, scanning and emailing documents, the Nitro Productivity Suite’s eSignature feature allows users to directly sign and return legally-binding documents easily on any electronic device.

2. It enhances collaboration within the team

Collaboration is key when it comes to achieving more. With Nitro Cloud integration, teams can now collaborate seamlessly.

Rather than passing different versions of a document back and forth via email, multiple team members can now annotate and edit the same, live PDF document at the same time. 

This eliminates the risk of working on outdated versions or needing to spend the extra time to consolidate feedback.

3. It creates an organised and stress-free environment

The benefits of a clean desk are plentiful.

Not only can it significantly reduce stress levels, but it can also help workers concentrate better on their work.

By digitalising all paper documents, workers can now work in a clean and clutter-free environment.

Storing documents onto one central cloud location makes it easier to access and share documents with others dispersed across the globe.

Reach out to our team at and learn more about how the Nitro Productivity Suite can help your employees work smarter.