The future is automated

With debates on how automation will impact the economy, workforce and education sector, current trends show how automated services are at a tipping point. 

The rate of automation in Australia visual representationExhibit 1: McKinsey & Company The Australian Automation Opportunity report 

The next wave of revolution is all about intelligent automation that leverages AR, AI and new smart devices.

As technology becomes more advanced and sophisticated with cloud-based platforms, the most common automation is present in modern businesses small and large. 

With proactive leadership, up-skilled or “re-skilled” employees and the integration of new technologies, the gains of automation can be broadly shared and optimised in the channel.

Work smarter, not harder 

As the MSP sector is a key consumer of automation technology, the channel recognises that automation boosts profitability and improves service quality.

MSPs are automating the monitoring, management and securing of their customers as new automated technologies hit the market every day. 

The benefits are clear:

Reduced operational costs 

Automation allows MSPs to take on new customers and business without the need to invest in extra staff.  MSPs can monitor endpoints, respond to alerts and perform device upgrades without the increased overhead from additional hires.

 Complementing existing work 

Businesses are moving away from purely people-delivered solutions to software-delivered automation complementing their work. Standard automated technology takes the guesswork out of provisioning services. These solutions also open the door for automation of higher-order tasks as well, rather than just basic, repetitive tasks. 

Shortened response times

Speed matters. With best in class tool sets that service technicians’ or specialists’ needs in the one place, workflows are integrated to speed up the completion of tasks and cut down workload to avoid the need of offshore assistance.

Improved security and performance 

With the right automation tools, MSPs can offer their customers powerful predictive AI and machine learning-driven security to block threats before they cause an issue, building loyalty while saving time and money.

As technology evolves, teams need to evolve alongside. Each sector will need to manage the transition effectively so all business and industries can capture the opportunities and benefits available. 

We assist partners with establishing and growing an online presence. 

This is done by delivering fully integrated eCommerce platforms that are equipped with automation as one of our driving differentiators: 

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